domingo, 17 de julio de 2011

Una nueva entidad clínica

Georgian Med News. 2011 Apr;(193):25-9.
Unilateral asymptomatic testis enlargement in children and adolescents.
De Sanctis V, Marsella M.
Pediatric and Adolescent Outpatient Clinic, Quisisana Hospital, Ferrara, Italy.
In literature a well codified definition of unilateral asymptomatic testis enlargement does not exist. Therefore in these cases the pediatrician or adolescentologist will have to make a clinical and diagnostic evaluation in order to exclude: a) an enlarged testis secondary to tumors, surgery, or endocrinological diseases; b) a small testis due to a previous (ex. cryptorchidism) or current disease (e.g. varicocele).The presence of a mild difference in testis volumes during puberty is not at all rare. This situation may be due to the technique used for evaluation of testis volume or secondary to a varicocele. The identification of variants of testis enlargement is important, because, while on one hand there are conditions without clinical relevance, on the other hand, there are diseases that require early diagnosis and immediate treatment. The Authors report a brief review of the literature and their own clinical experience. 14 patients with unilateral testis enlargement were observed. At the first examination, mean age was 12.3±1.2 years and the volume of the enlarged testis varied between 4 ml and 20 ml (mean volume 10±4 ml) versus 1.5 ml and 10 ml (mean volume 5±2 ml) of the contralateral testis. In 75% of cases the right testis was affected. During the ten year follow-up, the volume of the enlarged testis never exceeded 25 ml and progressive reduction of the difference between the two testes was demonstrated. Therefore, they propose another clinical condition defined as transitory unilateral testis enlargement of puberty.

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